Lab Research Associate- Lab Advanced Diagnostics
Children's Medical Center
Dallas, TX United States

Position Summary

This position is responsible for conducting research according to approved projects and protocols of the department and for developing and optimizing new protocols for assays that are not commercially available.  This position is also responsible for seeking new knowledge and information in Pediatric Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Actively promotes a Lean work culture by performing team member duties to ensure consistent use of Lean principles and processes, including continually seeking work process improvements.   

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct daily research assays, extractions, cultures, analyses and similar activities as described in research protocols to ensure accurate, reliable results
  • Collect data from analytical  methods and analyze data to establish correlations with diseases or other variables utilizing statistical methods
  • Record data and maintain current and accurate laboratory notebook according to established protocols
  • Report findings and updates to Senior Research Associate, Manager and Clinical Consultant, and as needed to other physicians
  • Optimize methods for best clinical/research use through thorough knowledge of principles involved in projects and technologies
  • Understand and adhere to Lean principles and process such as standard work and maintaining 5S concept in work area realizing that all processes are driven by the needs of the customer.
  • Maintain current knowledge of related literature in research topics
  • Assist in writing publications results from research activities
  • Align daily work with individual, section, departmental and organizational goals and objectives.
  • Look for, initiate and/or participate in quality improvement opportunities with the same level of importance as performing quality technical work
  • Promote teamwork and cooperation through helpful, courteous, and positive interactions with colleagues
  • Promote a trusting and secure work environment through supportive, dependable interactions
  • Take ownership of performance and PEAC process by understanding lab goals and objectives and align individual activities with hospital and lab goals and objectives
  • Maintain inventory of equipment and supplies needed for research purposes
  • Maintain a clean, safe, orderly work environment
  • Perform regular cleaning, maintenance, calibration and quality control of equipment and methods to ensure accurate and reproducible results
  • Troubleshoot equipment and assay problems as appropriate
  • Maintain inspection readiness.  Demonstrate knowledge and ownership of current inspection requirements for all applicable regulatory and accrediting agencies relating to area of responsibility.  Participate in tracers, mock inspections, regulatory reviews and Quality Assurance meetings as required.
  • Share knowledge and provide instructions to new employees, students, other technologists, technicians and other staff and participate in training of said individuals
  • Pursue continuing education
  • Perform other duties and special projects as requested
  • Read and adhere to all laboratory policies and procedures pertaining to section and document understanding of such. 



  • Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology or a science discipline is required, consistent with CLIA requirements;  Master’s degree is preferred

Licenses & certifications


  • Previous experience in molecular or genetics stronglypreferred
  • Next ggeneration sequencing experience preferred

Specific knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Ability to be alert in a high-risk environment; follow detailed procedures and ensure accuracy in documentation and data; carefully monitor gauges, instruments and processes; concentrate on routine work details; and organize and maintain a system of records.
  • Ability to clearly present information through the spoken or written word, to read and interpret complex information, and to talk with customers or clients.
  • Ability to take action in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and a realistic understanding of issues.
  • Ability to challenge conventional practices, adapt established methods for new uses, pursue ongoing system improvement, play with concepts and ideas to create novel solutions to problems, and evaluate new technology as potential solutions to existing problems.
  • Ability to be tactful, maintain confidences, foster an ethical work environment, and give proper credit to others.
  • Ability to establish and maintain high standards despite pressing deadlines, to do work correctly the first time, and to reinforce excellence as a priority.

Physical demands

  • Significant portions of daily assignment involve prolonged standing, transporting material, equipment, patients, or lifting, moving or carrying heavy materials (check one:  10 lbs. or more but less than 20 lbs. _ü_, 20 lbs. or more but             less than 30 lbs.____, 30 lbs.___, 31 lbs. or more ____) for intermittent periods throughout the day. 

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Job code: 30736